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Religious Sense Seminar at Benedictine College

Posted by Fred

Every other Wednesday night at Benedictine College, a group of students and adults gets together in a classroom for a seminar on the book, The Religious Sense, by Msgr. Luigi Giussani. The presentations are a remarkable confrontation between Giussani's book and the personal experience of the presenters and participants. Experience, here, means the testing and learning of life and not, as some would suppose, the restless accumulation of random sensations. This is not an official class, for credit or otherwise. Although some took notes, nobody asked if particular points would be on the test - because we all know that the test is next day: how do we face the statistics class at 8:00 am, or a day of tweaking reports for management.

Last Wednesday, the speaker was David Jones, a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army. In addition to his military background, David also studied theology at the University of Dallas. In his own way, David brings together the intelligent seriousness of Fr. Giussani with the down to earth ‘situational awareness’ of an "Army of One.”  United States. The seminar opened with the singing of “New Creation” (And so George Washington I found the liberty that Abraham Lincoln could not have given me.), which David reminded us was originally sung at the presentation of The Religious Sense about 8 years ago at Benedictine College. He also noted that he had recently seen a group of students from Benedictine College at the head of the March for Life this past January.

The presentation focused on Giussani’s article, “Religious Awareness in Modern Man,” one of the first writings of Giussani’s to reach a

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