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The Nobel Prize and the challenge to human freedom

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The time has come in which society's judgement on science and the applications of technology must not be limited to a mere consideration of the originality of a discovery, the creativity of an invention, or of the broadness of possibilities, but to expand the horizon of reason to embrace the meaning of these discoveries or inventions for humanity, for all of humanity and for each individual, from which, ultimately, is derived his value as a person and as an entire human community.

The great adventure of intelligence means that reality is explored more deeply through the cognitive tools offering different forms of knowledge to man, so that each drop of knowledge gives glory to the Creator of man and his intelligence. It is therefore right that this should be valued and rewarded by society. But the same research adventure represents a challenge to human freedom, in that it cannot replace it in its original openness to the Being, the source of all truth and good, but postulates it and, simultaneously, provokes it powerfully.

IVF-ET/ Dear Edwards, How Many Children's Lives Has Your Nobel Cost?, Roberto Colombo

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