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Albacete on the new winners

Posted by clairity

Ironically, the elections were held on the day The New York Times finally decided to identify the Church in Baghdad attacked by Iraqi troops as Catholic. Catholic supporters of the war who paid no attention to Pope John Paul II’s appeals against the US invasion of Iraq should meditate on what this fact says about faith and politics.

...The real protagonists of the change brought about by today’s elections will be the young seriously conservative but realist Republican winners, and – ironically – the more experienced moderate Republicans that managed to survive.

U.S./ Mid-term Election: The Republican Party has risen…, Lorenzo Albacete

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Election Day, Catholics, and Abortion

Posted by Joseph Orrino

We've heard this before; but as it is repeated, it merits rehearing.

Pope Benedict XVI in Brazil last month:

When political positions openly or covertly include plans to decriminalize abortion and euthanasia, the democratic ideal – which is truly democratic only when it acknowledges and safeguards the dignity of every human person — is betrayed at its foundations.

I admit to rolling my eyes when, in Catholic circles, abortion comes up as the issue and the focus of our political discourse.  With Health Care Reform, for example, there was much more to discuss than the possibility of abortions being funded.  The possibility of health care being more available to 30 million people is an important issue.  For that matter, so is the possibility of health care being more expensive and mediocre for 300 million.  Only discussing abortion discredited the stake Catholics had in the issue.

But despite how much both sides have made abortion a 'wedge issue' and use it to lockup certain blocks of voters, the reality of it compels me to look at it first.  I am not above discourse on this 'wedge issue,' as much as I would like to be.  Life is as the Holy Father says: the starting point for the success of our democratic system.

I wish everyone a great Election Day, a fruit of the democratic ideal that life sustains!

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Catholic swing vote

Posted by clairity

Check out this graph.   And more at

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Minnesota Bishops 2010 Election Statement

Posted by admin

Statement on the Election and a Call to Faithful Citizenship from the Catholic Bishops of Minnesota

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A question of hope

Posted by admin

In this election year, the economy is not the problem; it’s the symptom of a problem that plagues all of American politics. It’s hope. Candidate Obama had the right diagnosis, but President Obama has used the wrong cure. Will the new Republican Congress respond any differently?

Stephen R. Sanchez, "Hope: the Problem that Plagues All of American Politics."

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