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The Truth about our Wars

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No one feels sympathetic toward Gaddafi, as we didn't toward Saddam Hussein, and it's easy to acquiesce to the grand impulse toward liberation, or the illusion of it. Still, it all looks so familiar, and it's not just disappointment, but the implacable misery that continues in places where we imagined we were being helpful. Giorgio Vittadini weighs in with a sober judgment on the current engagement in Libya.  How can we find a more reasonable position?  It exists.

The truth is that the neocolonial policy is starting up again: for oil, for international prestige, for control of North Africa and the Middle East, for the victory of internal elections of the European leaders or a pacifist (!) leader like Obama. And this shows once again the weakness of the European Union, which sanctions the actions of states which, awakened from a benevolent stupor that lasted sixty years, return to a colonial policy. Therefore, before the armed intervention of the coalition, one cannot but think that the only alternative to this blood-letting hypocrisy is the course of the Holy See. A regard for every person starts the dialogue, which is always preferable to armed intervention and which considers international politics the art of compromise, which tries to value all the factors at play: what is the alternative to a regime? What prior conditions are required to establish a political system based on multi-party elections? Is it possible to impose democracy by force?

One could go on, but what has been said would already require of all Western countries a different policy for the good of the people ...

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We are the Church of Calvary

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[W]e are the Church of Calvary...  We entrust everything to the Lord.  We pray. We wait.

Patriarch Fouad Twal of Jerusalem

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Fighting For Human Rights

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Fighting For Human Rights / University of Notre Dame [video]

Notre Dame law professor Paolo Carozza worked with the Paraguayan government to outlaw child soldiers.

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