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Benedict XVI to Rimini Meeting: The Infinite is Present

But a question arises: isn’t it structurally impossible for man to live at the greatness of his own nature? Isn’t this yearning for the Infinite, which is perceived but is impossible to fulfil, a punishment? This question leads us straight to the core of Christianity: indeed, the Infinite himself took a finite form to be an answer that a man can experience. Ever since the Incarnation, from the moment when the Word became flesh, the overwhelming gap between finiteness and infiniteness vanished; the eternal and infinite God left His Heaven and entered time. He penetrated the finiteness of the human realm. Now, nothing is trivial nor meaningless in the path of life and of the world. Man is made for an infinite God that was made flesh and that took our humanity to raise it to the heights of His divine nature.

RIMINI MEETING/ Benedict XVI: The Infinite is Present.

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