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The Beginnings of Rock and Roll

This is the question at the heart of our exhibition, “3 Chords and a Longing for the Truth: Rock ‘n’ roll as a quest for the Infinite “ at the 2012 Meeting of Rimini in a few weeks’ time.

Although its roots are in the sorrow, pain, labour, loss and heartbreak of the human journey, recent  pop culture has contrived to ‘forget’ its beginnings, creating a bubble of commerce and attitude to hide for its founding truths. The roots of most of our contemporary musical forms emerge from Blues and Gospel, forms which stretch the true note between the muddy deltas of human habitation and the glittering firmaments above. Now reduced, outwardly at least, to ‘showbusiness’ and ‘entertainment’, the holiness of the song is forced inwards into a closed circuit, a communicating and receiving that becomes mistakable for something else – diversion, avoidance, entertainment – and so capable of being denied in its true nature.

via MUSIC/ The Truth Lurks Inside the Bubble of Attitude and Commerce, John Waters

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