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Archbishop Elias Chacour

I have a serious proposal for your consideration and judgment. Let's invite Archbishop Elias Chacour and Antonios Cardinal Naguib to the New York Encounter to have a serious dialog about the Holy Land and Egypt. Invite Dr. J.H.H. Weiler to set on a panel discussion with them as well. I can make an invitation through my Melkite contacts to Archbishop Chacour, Emad can make a personal appeal to Cardinal Naguib, and Mnsgr. Albacete can invite Dr. Weiler. Is this a reasonable proposal?

To understand who Archbishop Chacour is, watch the below videos and check out the websites. This is an amazing story...

Building Peace on Desktops

A Man of Galilee

Archbishop Elias Chacour

PILGRIMS OF IBILLIN is dedicated to supporting organizations and individuals committed to achieving peaceful coexistence and mutual respect among Muslim, Jewish, and Christian communities in the Holy Land.

For a more complete list of Archbishop Chacour's videos and books click here.

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  1. Any thoughts? Is this a reasonable proposal? Obviously its up to the leaders of the NY Encounter to accept it but would an event like this be helpful?

    I make this proposal within the context of the Cario Meeting, the missionary effort of Oasis, the Holy Father’s interfaith dialog efforts with Muslims, and currents events of the Arab Spring, Obama’s proposal for peace in the Holy Land, Bibi’s visit to DC, etc.

  2. Is anyone else provoked by the story of Archbishop Chacour? When you have a free moment check out the videos. Each provide details about his personal story and efforts to build unity among Israelis and Palestinians through education regardless of faith (Jewish, Muslims, or Christian).

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