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Highlights from the Vatican Blogger Meeting

Elizabeth Scalia ("anchoress")

The Internet is a place without genuine boundaries. Unlike a magazine, its ideas are not contained between two covers with defined limits; unlike a television or radio broadcast, it is not subject to the constraints of time, or, for that matter, reliant upon sponsorship and underwriters.

Such expansive freedom is both a gift and a terrible temptation to our egos, a force for disorientation and therefore a true battleground for souls.

Father Federico Lombardi, Vatican spokesman, said Pope Benedict XVI

is a person who does not Tweet or have a personal blog, he is very attentive and knows well what is happening in the world.

Archbishop Claudio Celli, president of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications:

We are here, therefore, for a dialogue:  a dialogue that shows on our part a belief in the concrete, particular and important consistency of your presence in the world of communications, and also wants to communicate to you our desire to encourage and foster an already established relationship  -- and is it too much to hope for? -- a certain familiarity.

This is not just a meeting of Catholic bloggers, even if many of you are inspired by Gospel values, but should be a particularly animated moment -- Pope Benedict repeatedly invites us to this - to a respectful dialogue:  a respect for the truths of others while being aware of what we carry in our hearts in the committed and passionate adherence to Christ the Lord.

Organizer Richard Rouse

It went really well. I’m really glad we had this meeting. It was completely uncontrolled and uncontrollable so I’m glad that it’s taken place. I thought the best thing was the meeting face to face of different bloggers. That was great.

Ironic Catholic:

After a series of trash talking tweets posted throughout the meeting on the virtues of blogging platforms, a Vatican official strode to the microphone and said "My brothers and sisters in Christ. We must stop this squabbling and address this right now." He then ordered mystified bloggers using the Blogger platform to move to his right, and the WordPress users to his the left. As everyone stood around, feeling somewhat naked without their laptops and IPads, he came back with a long piece of rope and announced solemnly, "Tug of War."

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