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Scola on the Challenge of North Africa

Cardinal Angelo Scola, Patriarch of Venice, calls the crisis in Libya and North Africa "a challenge from Providence toward the man of the future." The challenge is for Europe to recover the origin of her unity, which is not expressed in currency, but charity.  The Patriarch of Venice and founder of Oasis, a center for dialogue between Muslim and Christian scholars, doesn't call for a quick political fix in an evolving and unpredictable situation. In fact, such a "solution", he emphasizes, would be a presumption:  peace is a task for every day, and we must appeal to God for help.

This uneasiness demonstrates that Europe cannot be held together only by the cement of the euro, but needs a clear identity, a sound economic and foreign policy, and with ample breadth. But this is impossible, I repeat, unless Europeans as individuals and nations respond to a huge question: "Who will be the man of the third millennium?" Perhaps the tragedy of the migration of large numbers of men and women from Africa, if we are all more generous, can be the glue for the construction of a peaceful Europe because it is capable of opening itself, with an intelligent availability, to those in need. A Europe that becomes a tangible expression of that sharing between people which is essential for the present and the future and that we Europeans, who are a bit comfortable and sedentary, have not been able to make the stable project of the good life.

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