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Standing in Line for Confession

Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York practices what he preaches.  On Saturdays, he relates how he walks through his city to one or another parish to go to confession anonymously among the faithful.  A priest who recognized him wanted to make it easier on him.

“But, archbishop,” he remarked, “I’ll send a confessor to your house! You shouldn’t have to come down here, stand in line, and wait like everybody else!”

Well, as a matter of fact, yes I should. While I thanked him for his thoughtfulness, I explained that I really wanted to make the trip to the church, I preferred to stand in line, I wanted to be “just like everybody else!”

Because, as a sinner, I am! And one of the places I most sense being an intimate part of the Church, a member of this community of faith, is when I’m in company with others, head down, waiting in line for God’s mercy in this beautiful and potent sacrament of reconciliation.

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