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Pakistan: People feel the need for God

pakistanBishop Rufin Anthony of Islamabad and life-long friend of the murdered Shahbaz Bhatti, spoke with on the situation for Pakistani Christians after the assassination.  He described the minister as:

a young and courageous man, as well as a true Catholic. From an early age, he had been raised in Khushpur, a very Christian village, and had studied at a Catholic school. And he was just as good as a politician, because in his work in government he was moved by the same world view that he had learned from the Church.

As for the Pakistani Christian population, who are poor and beleaguered, he tells of how they maintain their faith and courage:

Here, no one is afraid of anything. After the bombings, like the one against Minister Bhatti, people come to church in larger numbers than in "normal" moments. The more they attack us, the more crowded the Masses become, because people feel the need for God, who is the only one who can protect us.

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