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The Religious Sense and David

Having been swamped with so much (good) in the past few weeks, I only now had a chance to listen to David's interview with Stephen Hand. A couple of weeks back, I mentioned that David presented at the Religious Sense seminar in Atchison. In no way did I attempt to reproduced David's discussions and stories at that time. Listening to the first part of this lecture I recalled the same sweep which David shared at the Religious Sense Seminar.

What I really appreciate about Hand's interview is the friendly and yet critical discussion with David. Although I've only heard the first part, I highly recommend listening to the interview.

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  1. Thanks Fred… Here’s are some interesting things about this interview. Steve approached me to do this interview after a post I wrote about Islam. I thought the interview was going to be about that subject so I prepared for a discussion on that. I didn’t have any questions given to me beforehand. Come to find out it went pretty much in a completely different direction, more or less. I was completely shooting from the hip. I spoke from the heart. That’s all I could do. To do a live unedited radio interview for 5 minutes like that is hard enough, but for 1.5 hrs is crazy. I apologize for all the “you knows, umms, etc.” If there is a next time I’ll work on that. Steve is of many miracle friendships that have occurred over the web. I give Our Lady all the credit!

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