Cahiers Péguy


Peter Maurin on Charles Péguy and Emmanuel Mounier

A New Movement

The Nazis, the Fascists

and the Bolsheviks

are Totalitarians.

The Catholic Worker

is Communitarian.

The principles of


are expounded every month

in the French magazine Esprit

(the Spirit).

Emmanuel Mounier,

editor of the magazine,

has a book entitled

La Revolution Personnaliste et

Communitaire .

Emmanuel Mounier

wrote a book entitled

A Personalist Manifesto.

Emmanuel Mounier

has been influenced

by Charley Péguy.

Charles Péguy once said:

“There are two things

in the world:

politics and mysticism.”

For Charles Péguy

as well as Mounier,

politics is the struggle for power

while mysticism

is the realism

of the spirit.

For the man-of-the-street


is just politics

and mysticism

is the right spirit.

In his Personalist Manifesto

Mounier tries to explain

what the man-of-the street

calls “the right spirit.”

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