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Positive Contributions of Christians?

From The Denver Post

One in four Americans said they couldn't think of a single positive societal contribution made by Christians in recent years, according to a nationwide survey released Monday.

Also, one in 10 adults said they couldn't think of a recent positive contribution because Christians hadn't made one, the Barna Group reported.

I would love to go on with a reaction and reflection, but I'm not sure what to make of it.  Am I surprised?  Yes and no.  Do I care very much?  Yes and no.  Is this more a result of people burying their heads in the sand or Christians doing and pointing to the wrong things?  I'm not sure.

I'm back: Now this has me thinking, did I become a Christian for the sake of the world?

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About Joseph Orrino

Joseph is a student at the University of St. Thomas School of Law in Minneapolis, Minnesota where he is Co-President of the St. Thomas More Society and an associate editor of the Journal of Law and Public Policy.
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  1. I think it’s another example of that morality of knowing, which Giussani makes so clear. It is more than possible to deny what is done in Christ’s name; people denied what Christ did in front of their noses. Yes, there are aberrations, like those priests who abused children, which can be handy to take one off the hook. But, *no* positive Christian contribution, really? Such “willful ignorance” comes to mind when looking at this lovely photo from a Catholic mission in Madagascar.

  2. There are lots of positive things Christians have done in society. People , sometimes because of lack of education do not know, others because of bias do not want to admit.

    Here is a good website listing a selection of those good things:

  3. It is always difficult to get knowledgeable people with this issue, nevertheless, you be understood as you understand exactly what you are posting about! Appreciate it.

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